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Someone famously said "If your business is not on the internet it may as well be invisible". It was true then and it's true now.

However, these days it's not enough to just have a website; it needs to be good because having a poor website really is worse than having no website at all because people pay far more attention to how websites look and what they will do for them than ever before, so putting effort into creating a good, clear, informative website is more important than it's ever been.

Our expertise lies in interpreting your needs and presenting your business to an online audience. Our portfolio of projects includes a variety of websites, web applications, content management systems and shopping carts and our services include domain name registrations and hosting.

Clearly, your online success is Getafix IT Solutions

Career Opportunities

Getafix IT Solutions will post new job openings here from time to time.

You are welcome to email us your resumé though, for new business opportunities might just be triggered by your effort.


Our Company

Our Company
Getafix IT Solutions has proven success in custom web application development and supporting and providing continuous integration for large web database applications that run businesses in various.

See our "Services Quick List" menu for a list of the services we offer, although we are not limited to it.

Getafix IT Solutions is a graphic- and web design firm located in the heart of the Free State. We specialise in graphic design, website development, and computer-related products and services. Projects range from online marketing, multimedia, corporate identity, and print graphics, to interactive CD's, DVD's and more! Getafix IT Solutions offers an integrated team of web developers, creative designers, writers and programmers to offer great results.

Our clients range from startup-up companies to larger corporations. Whether you need a new logo or an updated website, we look forward to building your creative solution.

Who We Are
We are unique...

Getafix IT Solutions develop a unique working relationship with our clients. This special kind of relationship stems from the way we approach each project, getting to know our clients and understand their goals, likes and dislikes of promotional materials in general. This knowledge is invaluable and helps us provide a customised approach to each project that meets your individual taste, market, and needs.

We are a team...
We work together with our clients to the success of each endeavor. For each project, whether it is destined for print or the web, the method is the same. We present basic concepts or directions for a project. The concepts generally range from what is today's standard to trendsetting for the future. The design direction from there is dependent on the company, the product, and the audience. Elements, colors, and approaches of one concept are interchanged and used with other concepts as we work together to create the direction for the finished piece. After the final concept is chosen, we begin fine-tuning the design and add the finishing touches. By working hand in hand, we together create an end product that is effective and assists your company in its business goals.

We are Creative...
From magazine advertisements and company brochures to website development and interactive presentations, our goal is to produce a finished product that is both functional and exciting. Whether the purpose is revenue generation or to provide company information, we create websites that are consistent with each company's image. We utilize the same concept and discussion methods as with our print materials.

Our vision is:
• To be an international web development company.
• To own, manage and commercialise successful web applications across various industries.
• To build a business that facilitates a win-win scenario for all.
• To find ways of giving back to our clients and meeting their individual needs.

We are committed to:
• Provide top conceptual skills
• Deliver measurable business results
• Create solutions that work
• Increase honesty, integrity, and trust
• High quality, fair price
• Service levels exceed our peers
• Efficiency & effectiveness
• Take personal responsibility
• Build a sustainable business

Getafix IT Solutions proudly bring you international exposure at affordable prices.